Adams Stirling PLC

Delivery to Members

Associations may deliver notices and documents to individual members by the following methods: (i) First-class mail, postage prepaid; (ii) Registered or certified mail; (iii) Express mail; (iv) Overnight delivery by an express service carrier; and (v) Electronically (email, facsimile, or otherwise), if consented to by the member in writing. (Civ. Code §6514.)

For the purposes of the Commercial Act, “individual delivery” and “individual notice” reference only a few specific types of documents or notice: (i) Delivery of (1) a copy of all amendments to the governing documents to remove only certain developer language and (2) the related notice of the meeting to consider same (Civ. Code §6608(c)); (ii) Delivery of a proposed amendment to the CC&Rs to the membership (Civ. Code §6620(a)(1)); (iii) Delivery of notices to the owner regarding the temporary, summary removal of occupants for termite treatment (Civ. Code §6720(c)); and (iv) Distribution of a schedule of monetary penalties (Civ. Code §6850(a)).